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Mr. Kartar Singh Thakral

Like all things in life, we do have limitations. We decided to make a difference by focusing on children, as we believe they are the future, and we can actually recast an entire generation by starting young. Besides their homes, the next most important place where they spend a lot of their time is in the school.

Give them schools, give them drinking water, give them proper benches and stools to sit on, and give them sports equipment to develop their overall personality and to face the challenges of the world. 

We believe that there are certain organizations where a lot of money donated is spent on administration expenses etc. By relying on our network, 99% of the donation goes towards the front line. We have our own scouts, and they make trips to the provinces and villages to physically check the location and its surroundings and understand the needs. Our scouts provide a report and after studying the reports, we approve the projects, and make periodic visits to assess the progress. We also have a system where we will visit the completed projects on a regular basis e.g. yearly, to see if further assistance may be rendered.

Our main area of concentration is Indo-China as here we have a strong series of network ranging from our own staff to our dealers and this ensures that we are actually able to go to the exact location of greatest need. For example, during the recent flood in Vientiane, we were able to quickly organize the required assistance of water pumps, rice, funds for relief efforts and hand them over to the Vientiane mayor and flood relief committee.

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