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As with all things in life, there are numerous ups and downs and aspirations. We should take them in our stride and give and do God’s work within our means. I would like to thank HIM for giving me a blessed life, I think that it is and will be the highlight of my life that I am able to spend time with my parents, a supporting wife, and five loving children, and be in a position to continue to help others.

The three great personalities who particularly inspired Rikhi Thakral:

  • The King of Siam for his sincere concern for his people
  • Mother Theresa, for touching so many lives
  • His parents


Five Principles:

The basic objective is to ‘Improve the quality of life of the less fortunate’.

2. Help the less fortunate in the field of education / educational facilities, particularly children, to provide schools, water tanks, hygiene and sanitation facilities etc.

3. To advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to assist in expanding their opportunities to reach their full potential.

4. To utilize the funds specifically for the intended purpose(s), ensuring that there is no discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion or geographical boundaries.

5. To strictly follow parents’ instructions of having no administrative costs and the entire amount to be spent towards actual work / front-line, whereas the administrative portion, for example travel, design, phone-calls, time spent etc, to be absorbed by the Thakral family.

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